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HIPPY values the importance of early childhood learning and development in all cultural identities in our community. HIPPY is a program that educates both child and parent/carer in the school language used at school and parent/teacher interviews.

HIPPY gives parents an understanding of how their child learns and also helps maintain a strong connection between parent/carer and child. HIPPY supports parents/carers and their child/ren over two years in a home-based, early learning and parenting program (for families with young children).

  • Parents/carers will deliver a specifically designed and structured 60-week curriculum of learning activities to assist the child/ren to achieve at school.
  • Activities and storybooks are fun, educational and aligned with the Australian Early Years Framework and National Quality Standards (NQS).
  • The activities will make sense to parents/carers and allow the child/ren to have a go.
  • Goolburri HIPPY is designed to fit into your daily routine.
  • HIPPY families spend around 10 to 15 minutes a day, five days a week, doing educational activities together.
  • Home Tutors schedule regular weekly or fortnightly visits with parents/carer to discuss and work through the booklet/activities anywhere parent/carer feels most comfortable.
  • Parents/carers are also encouraged to participate in regular group meetings (fortnightly).

HIPPY is an opportunity to learn and grow for parents as well as children

  • Each HIPPY site is staffed by a qualified Coordinator and a team of Home Tutors.
  • Home Tutors are usually parents participating in the program who live in our community.
  • Home Tutors are paid employees and receive training and support from the Coordinator.
  • Becoming a Home Tutor can offer parents/carers a pathway to training and employment and fosters community leadership.


  • Age 4: 30-week program (weekly) parent delivers the program to the child.
  • Age 5: 15-week program (continuation of age 4) (fortnightly) parent delivers the program to the child.

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