Helping people with disabilities achieve their goals

National Disability Insurance Scheme Service

Services Provided

We are NDIS approved and registered for the following services:

Therapeutic supports providing psychological support to help you achieve your goals and improve your holistic care through emotional acceptance and growth by helping you gain greater insight into your life.

Behavioural supportsproviding psychological support to help address behaviours of concern and help develop strategies for you, your family and/or carers to reduce and manage these behaviours of concern.  We can also assist with intensive support when your behaviours are significantly harmful or persistent. Our psychologist can also provide assessments and reports required for the development of behavioural support plans.

Specialised support coordinationproviding time limited outcome focused psychological support if you have high complex needs and/or have high levels of risk in your life. The psychologist can help you overcome barriers that are stopping you from utilising your NDIS plan. Also can assist with any complexity in your support environment and help with the negotiation of solutions

Early childhood supports – providing individual and consistent psychological support to children (0-6 age group) who have a development delay or disability so that child is able to participate fully in their school and community environment. 

Assist life stage, transition (coordination of supports)supporting you to understand your NDIS plan and through the plan options help you and your ability to build up supports and strengthen your connection to community. We also can assist during points of crisis and help build your resilience.

Household tasks – assisting you to do basic house and yard work that you are unable to do due to your disability and/or help you develop skills to maintain your home.

Community nursing careassisting with the care, training and supervision of your complex care needs that have occurred due to your disability.

Assist personal activities – assisting you to do personal activities that you are unable to do due to your disability.

Assist travel/transport – assisting you if your disability prevents you from taking public transport by providing transport to supports and community activities.

Innov Community Participation – Come and join in with Goolburri’s innovative cultural appropriate activities which promote inclusion of people with disabilities. Goolburri’s activities help you expand your opportunities for community connections and employment.

Participate Community – providing supports to help you become more independent by being part of community based activities .

Group/Centre Activities – providing supports to help you connect with the community and join in with social and recreational activities.

Service Areas

Goolburri NDIS service provision area include Southwest Queensland, Toowoomba regions – Southern Downs and Western Downs.

Contact Details

20 Scott Street, Toowoomba Q 4350
Postal Address: PO Box 1198
Phone: 07 4638 8607
Fax: 07 4632 0548


Nathan Gaulton
Aged & Disability Care Program
M: 0497 979 009